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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Wannabe FOB

I have OFFICIALLY entered the ranks of Vietnamese wannabe F.O.B. (As much as I'd like to, I can't technically be one). Yesterday while waiting among the hordes of Vietnamese people at Brodards for lunch (tangent. Here's some advice: DON'T show up at Brodards at 1pm on a Sunday and expect to be seated on arrival. You scribble your name on the clipboard and unless you're nipping at the heels of the seating guy when he calls out "Julie-5 nguoi! (people)" you best be willing to wait another 10 minutes 'cuz he'll scroll right past your name and let the couple with the screaming kids go ahead of you) ANYWAYS, so instead of standing there with the rest of the patient Vietnamese folk (ha! that's an oxymoron for ya!) I wandered over with my Mom to the Vietnamese *cough-bootleg-cough* music store. I spotted My Tam's Karaoke Hits on DVD and grabbed it. "Mom! My Tam!" I squealed. (If you didn't know, she's on heavy rotation in my cd player) My mom looked at the track listing and tossed it back into the $4.99 pile. I walk over to the Sanrio corner and watch the latest installment of Paris By Night on the jumbotron as the techno "Asia beats" pound in the background, trying to keep my eyeballs from rolling out of my head. Just then, the guy at the register pops in a different CD and the melodious voice of Lam Truong fills the store. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he's Thao's 5th husband, after all the members of F4, or whatever the hell they're called) My ears perk up and I ask the guy what CD is playing, in which he reaches around and pulls a CD off the wall of bootleg hits behind him. I look at the cover and the CD title, "Micki Selection 09" (subtitled: V.I.P Only)" glares back at me. I"m guessing the only Micki around here is the guy who just handed me the disk (note #1: Micki? Micki? Is that short for....MickEY? note #2: V.I.P only?! haha. you know what i'm talkin' about Mike. that's so vietnamese it's not even funny) and since he reeks of "shady music compilation master" I buckle and purchase the CD for $5 although it's probably worth little more then $0.30. Yes, weak is me. The CD is now playing as I type and hum along. I must say, Micki does have some decent Viet music selection chops. Thanks Micki, thanks. The End.


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