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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Top 10

J.Vo's Top Nine life-related current events:

9. High-class dining and dancin' at The Sunset Room. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time celebrating J.Lu's bday, but I'd much rather be chillin' at The Hop Inn Bar down the street from my house. Well, I've never actually been to the Hop Inn Bar down the street or any of those other nameless bars on the dark/shady corners with the neon signs, for that matter...but I SO wanna go. You know what kind of places I'm talkin' about. Every city has a few of those shiesty-beer-guzzlin'-chain-smokin'-fake-perms n' nails-infested watering holes/divebars. Maybe I'm just sick of the tired LA scene or hankering for some cheap drinks. oh wait, none for me. (see #2 below) Or maybe the REAL reason is I'm just nostalgic for those poorly lit, pool table dancin' ex-pat bar days. Well, close enough. Alright- Hop Inn Bar, here I come! Who's in? C'mon, don't be scared. I'll be there to protect you!

8. Celebratin' B.Tran's degree acquisition in Torrance. The events of that night has led to my decision to take a sabbatical from any and all alcoholic beverages (well, at least until my graduation. Hey, 2 weeks can be a long time, y'know!) I won't go into detail, but let's just say I had one too many "Heeey, heeere's to Bruceeee!" shots.

7. N*gger, Wetb*ck, Ch*nk. Closing night. Brilliant. http://speaktheaterarts.com/speak.html

6. Nancy's getting married. That's like whoa. So Norlyn and I both end up tuckin' utterly raunchy and ridiculous edible undies into our Vicky Secrets giftbags for her. Ha! Figures. Southeast Asian women-we be crazy, y'know.

5. Work

4. School

3. Work & School

2. Driving up,down and all around the 405 and 10 freeways for...surprise surprise, work and school.

And the #1 Current Event in J. Vo's life?

#1. I found a new cafe!!! woohoo. Yes, I am lame and yes, I'm ok with that. The newest diamond in the rough is Velocity Cafe in SanMo, referred to me by JT Mammen. In addition to the great drinks...Awesome factor #1: Free Comp/Internet Access. Awesome Factor #2: The furniture. Although the tables are endearingly rickety, the chairs are perfectly comfy. Awesome Factor #3: The RANDOM almost life-size ceramic horses (2) right smack dab in the middle of the place. Only Downer: Closes at 8pm/10pm on weekends. What more could a girl ask for...well, besides the funds to open up my own coffeehouse, but that can wait.

Alright, that's my mindless and random update for now. Hope everyone is doing well. Graduation is comin' up. You can all join me in breathing a sigh of relief once I reach the top of that hill. (One of many more down the line, I'm sure) Aights. I'm out...like bodysuits and the Macarena.


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