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Monday, May 03, 2004

Mean Girls...and then some.

Sister and I just returned from watching Mean Girls. (warning: tangent) Trying to clean up the madness that is my room, we found free coupons for admission and popcorn and drinks. (yay!) Nothing like an opportunity to watch a movie for free that I wouldn't want to actually pay for AND score free treats too. (warning: another tangent) So, walking up to the concession stand at Pacific Theatres, we're 2nd in line when this guy walks up to us and asks us if we'd like to "make use of their new self-pay concession". I look to my left and to my right, and there for all to see are 4 brand spankin' new money changer machine-like contraptions. Apparently, now at the theatre, in addition to being able to buy your tickets on the side to avoid those dreadful lines, you can now "touch n' go" your popcorn/coke/nachos/bon bons delights and patiently wait at the counter to pick up your order. What the heck. But..but, that's the whole part of the movie-going experience! Oh yeah, I forgot--Efficiency is key. Unfortunately, since we had movie coupons, I didn't get to point-touch and pay my popcorn and soda order. Oh well, maybe next time.

(Next thing you know, they'll be people standing outside with little mini-boards keying up your order as you stand in line to self-order your tickets. [a la In n' Out] Plus, it gets you in the theatre faster, 'cuz you wouldn't want to miss the 30 minute previews AND the cool THX Listening Experience!)

OK, back to my original point. (hey, i warned ya!) So, Mean Girls, starring the new teen idol on the verge of womanhood--Lindsey Lohan. blah blah blah...pretty good movie, blah blah blah..lots of SNL castmembers in it which makes it worth the watch..blah blah blah..high school cliques, blah blah blah, teen learns lesson. The End. So, the REASON this film is worth watching is that Hollywood has finally recognized MY PEOPLE! yes! Let me explain. So in the movie there's the typical jocks and geeks, and in addition, the "Asian Nerds" and the "Asian cool crowd". And through the whole movie, they remain pretty much nameless and speaking line-less (apart from the point about one of the "cool asian girls" aka asian skank making out with the head coach.) But at the end (Warning: plot spoiler!) in the big scene where all the girls in the movie get into this insane catfight, the 2 non-ethnic specific asian girls emerge to be what? VIETNAMESE!! Yes...really. Why? Let me share:

(This is a paraphrase of their 5 second exhange with the ACTUAL literal subtitled translations on screen)

ViEtGrL0*1: May khong thich tao tai vi nhung con trai thich tao hon. (You don't like me 'cuz all the boys like me more)

ViEtGrrrl02: Khong dam dau! (Nigga, please!)

Ok, I think there were one or two other phrases exchanged, but I didn't catch it 'cuz me and my sister were laughing too damn hard. The ONLY ones in the theatre laughing hard--and if you know my laugh, we were being pretty loud and obnoxious. Man...that was so worth it. I feel a mix of shock, pride, shame, love....a big ball of emotion wrapped into one. Oh, I thank God that they've finally recognized the linguistic prowess of my people and in this fine film. (Not to mention the extraordinary translation work..my my my.) My only tension is that one of the girls was named Trang Pak. Ok, we ALL know Pak is NOT a Vietnamese last name. Doesn't anyone watch MTV? Suchin Pak is soo Korean! But, it's ok...my pride extinguishes all anger. I can now sleep in peace. G'nite friends**

* I apologize for the dreadful "AsIaN TyPe" earlier but I felt it wouldn't do the scene justice without it.

**edit: Um, in case after reading this, you feel as if I am truly ecstatic over this accomplishment in film--I'm not. It's booty. It's ridiculous. But, I thought it was quirky and odd enough to share.


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